Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Global Jandal Mirgration

The New Zealand Jandal, or the Flip Flop, is the most common footwear in the world. Popularity has seen it appear all over the globe, handy for hot summer days and suit just about any foot shape. 

Of the four main species, Flip flop, Thong, Jandal, Chappel, the Jandal is originally found in New Zealand and plays an important part in Kiwi cultural identity.

A common mistake is identifying the Jandal as 'The Thong', however this is their close cousin across the Tasman, known as the Australian Thong (not to be mistaken for another predator the G-String, this is an entirely different species, and generally found in nooks and crannies) The key to the New Zealand Jandals survival is down to the native habitat of beaches, lush green parks and an island climate. 

The Jandals cousin, The Flip-Flop has made its home in both the United Kingdom and North America (although in Texas a sub species has formed known as Clam Diggers and similarly in California and Hawaii a sub-species known as Go-Aheads thrives on the beaches). Flip-flops integrated in the 1950's without causing any harm to the existing footwear environment. 

The Chappel is more commonly found in Asia, there are slight variations to the name but the basic design remains the same. Other colonies have been discovered around the world, in Africa Slip Slop's, Rubber shoes, Plakkies and Akalas have settled across the continent. In Europe the Slip Slops have also found a home in Italy, the Chancletas and Playaras from Spain, Japonki in Poland, Sayonares in Greece, Austria it's Schlapfen, Djapanki in Bulgaria and the Vietnamki in Russia and Ukraine.


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