Sunday, 2 February 2014

Moo-lah for hungry cows...and pigs, sheep, horses, and goats!

The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary rehabilitates and re-homes abused, injured, and neglected non-human animals. We support animal rights and animal protection, and our main aim is to provide a safe haven for animals. 

Right now three full-time caretakers, with support from dedicated part-time volunteers care for around a hundred and fifty animals (pigs, goats, sheep, roosters, geese, cows, horses, dogs, cats, ducks, hedgehogs, and magpies) at Otaki Forks, an hour's drive north of Wellington. We offer unwanted and ill-treated farm and domestic animals a chance for a new life.

Where possible we rehome to loving forever homes, but there are many animals with special needs who are permanently with us.

Currently we are fundraising for very much needed stocks of winter feed so the animals don't go hungry! In the colder months, the grass stops growing, and so the cows, sheep, horses, pigs and goats all need extra hay, grain, and pellets to keep them healthy, happy, and kicking up their heels!

In particular Peanut our elderly horse (aged about 30) has few teeth and needs a generous supply of additional feed all year round, and the cows get through enormous quantities of feed.

Although we have wonderful help from our awesome donors and sponsors, this only goes a small way towards covering costs. Summer is the best time to build up our stocks as feed is cheaper. We are running a PledgeMe campaign, as we need around $3000 to buy in grain, hay, pellets and other essential feeds. 

Can you help us to make hay while the sun shines, and ensure the cows, sheep and horses are happy and well-fed this winter? We are a registered charity so all donations are tax deductible.

The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary 

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