Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Reflection - By Jamie Bull

In 5 days I will be meeting members of the community who are interested in being involved in Reflection. I will be creating a 20 minute site specific work using all those who want to be involved. 
Plus several dance and drama classes from Otaki College. Sound will be percussion and vocal, and so far Fran and Anne- Marie are assisting with these aspects.

Lots of meetings this week- each taking me a step or two closer. Exciting and scary now until I actually get workng!

What is Reflection I hear you ask?
On April 12 and 13 an free outdoor performance work will be presented in the Memorial park next to Otaki Theatre. Anyone interested in being involved as percussionist, mover, actor or singer - turn up at Hadfield Hall on Sunday 16 Feb at 2pm. I will explain all about it and if you can make the commitment - the experience will be yours.

To take part in Reflections, come down to the Hadfield Hall on Sunday 16 February at 2.00pm or click here to see more.

Jamie Bull - Reflections Director/Creator

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