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Our Walk in the Forest....

One mum, one uncle and two nephews, our walk in the Forest at Otaki Beach near the Otaki Health Camp. 

It was a beautiful day and the boys loved exploring the forest, running through the pine needles, playing in the trees, Mr 8 Months had a great time hanging out in the baby pack, first with Mum, then with his Uncle.

Managed to get over the style no problem

Mum and baby selfie...

Having a chat Uncle and Mr 3 1/2

Through the Toi Toi bush 

Climbing in the pine trees

Arrrhhh, attack of the Toi Toi

Just like a movie set from Lord of the Rings...

We made it to the end, Otaki Health Camp past the gates

Uncle and Mr 8 months on the way back to the car park

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